​​​Did you know that 1 in 7 adults  in Suffolk County cannot read or write above a 6th grade level?

Did you know there's a waiting list with over 500 Adults in Suffolk County who want to learn how to read and write but are waiting to be matched with tutors?

​​JUNIOR AMBASSADORS are an affiliate of Literacy Suffolk.




Junior Ambassadors

Who we are...

Long-Term Care
Our purpose is to raise awareness of the literacy problem here on Long Island and RECRUIT adult tutors. We do this through presentations, writing articles, posting signs in strategic locations like libraries. We find opportunities to present to groups and share our mission. 

OUR MISSION:  To make sure that every person in Suffolk County who wants to learn how to read and write is given that opportunity by being matched with a Literacy Suffolk Tutor.

Junior Ambassadors

What we do...

We believe that being able to read, write and communicate effectively is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. 

We are high school students from districts across Long Island. We come from a variety of backgrounds with different perspectives and interests. We share a common goal. We care about the people in our community. 

Junior Ambassadors 

 Why we do it...